Korean female shaman Hae-Kyung Lee arrives with her musicians and assistants to present a traditional "GUT” ceremony at the beginning of the Four Winds summer gathering. This will be the first time this Korean shamanic ritual is performed in Finland.

The ceremony will take place at Itätalo farmstead in Kustavi, Finland, on Wednesday
25. July 2018 at 7 p.m.

Mudang Hae-Kyung Lee will perform with her four assistant shamans and three musicians.

The female shaman in Korea is called
"Mudang". The majority of shamans in Korea are women.

Hae-Kyung Lee is one of the most famous shamans in Korea. She is 62 years old and has worked as a shaman for over 28 years.

"GUT" is a Korean ritual. Its purpose is to bring happiness, health and prosperity. It is a theatre of spirits where the shaman acts as a mediator between the spirit world and the participating people. "GUT" is structured with dance and music. It is full of colour as the dresses change according to the spirits the shaman is embodying.

In the Korean tradition shamanism has been passed down from older shaman to the disciple for thousands of years.
Lee´s teacher is Kim Keum-Hwa, who is known as Korea’s national shaman. She was born and initiated to this work in North Korea. Thus Lee´s
"GUT" ceremony represents the North Korean tradition. Many Korean folk dances, music and theatre have developed from these ceremonies.

The performance 25.7.2018 is open for public.
15 € / person (under 7 y. for free).
Camp participants
10 €.
Please pay cash at the door!
Itätalo address: Kiparluodontie 75, 23360 Kustavi, Finland.

On the following Friday, the group will perform for the participants of the Four Winds annual gathering only, please have a look:
"Water is Life" summer camp 26.- 29.7.2018

For more information, please contact:
Four Winds Association vice president Tiina Pohjakallio:
+358 44 0322 330

Christiana Harle: +358 50 494 7030

or our contact person with the Koreans Vesa Asikainen:
+358 40 371 7589

Mudang Lee´s group is available for more gatherings / performances before and after the Four Winds camp.

You are most welcome!